Sunspot hand drawing information query and statistics system

This system is based on the observation data of nearly 20,000 hand-painted sunspots accumulated by the Yunnan Observatory over more than 80 years. After compiling the digitized data of sunspot hand drawing, China has established a sunspot information database and query statistics platform. And through the way open to the Internet, the utilization rate of hand-painted sunspots in China is improved. The results can be applied to the observation data of the hand-painted sunspots at the Zijinshan Observatory, promote the collection and collation of the observation data of the two observatories, and jointly provide more complete data services. The system can not only provide solar physicists with data services for studying the long-term changes of solar activities, but also can be integrated into international sunspots databases and databases, and be in line with international standards for more scientists and users.

Description of hand drawing

Description of advanced query